About us
We believe every foreign educated nurse whose aim is to work in the U.S. deserves the best circumstances and we provide such that's what NurseConnect does.
NurseConnect, We Connect You.
Direct Hire
Mock Interview
WeConnectEnglish (Additional Service)
C-Graft Training (Before departure)
Conflict Management / Communication Skill / Critical Thinking / Clinical Practice / Culture etc.
WeConnectEnglish (Additional Service)
English Program to help you pass job interviews needed for Hospitals in the United States.
(Held once a week and consists of interview English + clinical English)
(Current native professor and Korea's best clinical English teacher)
Visa Paperwork
Job Link for Clinical Experience
Only Seoul/Busan
Coordinator for local adaptation and job performance
Staff of NurseConnect will accompany and help you
It is the most representative form of corporate identity.
By adopting the gold color, which is regarded as the most precious, it symbolizes the nobility of all nurses heading to the U.S. through NurseConnect.
The circular emblem represents the image of holding two arms together, and was inspired by We Connect You, the motto of NurseConnect, by the meaning of 'connection'.
Wordmark (Regular Ver.)
Text-based logo for agreement and documentation. It is usually mixed with emblem.
Wordmark (Simple Ver,)
Text-based logo for agreement and documentation. It is usually mixed with emblem.
Ladies and Gentlemen:
To the person who wishes to transcend their nursing abilities beyond the shores, we are here to help.
You have acquired much knowledge and experience in the field of nursing.
As such, we are willing and ready to assist you in making the proper connection as you proudly seek to fulfill your long-held dream.
We live in an ever-changing world. Everything we have or can ever imagine has appeared or will soon become a reality in our very existence. From food-making robots to surgical robots, developments in technology are endless as they are rapid.
As technology advances, so does society and civilization in general. More is expected from organizations and employees alike.
And were it not for the advancement in technology, the task would have been daunting. And that’s why we’re here.
In short, technology is advancing to meet the pace of our needs as quickly as our needs demand it.
Myung Suk Koh, The Founder of NurseConnect
Current Executive Director of NurseConnect.
Current Honorary Professor of Sahmyook University.
Current nonpermanent commissioner of KOICA's technical evaluation.
Former dean of the College of Nursing at Sahmyook University.
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