NurseConnect helps you with all the PAPERWORK required for visa issuance.
(All procedures are for successful interviewees. No prior down payment is required.)

Requires visa screening before US embassy interview
A U.S. local hospital/company is being qualified by the Immigration Bureau to provide permanent residency sponsorship to applicants.
From the day you submit I-140, the Regular Process will take four to six months, and if you choose Premium Process for an additional $2,500, this process will be reduced to 15 days.
This is a visa application form to be completed after paying Visa Fee ($345/person) to the National Visa Center (NVC).
Nurses are in the EB-3 category as skilled workers and will receive P4 (Packet 4) Letters to notify embassy interviews when DS-260 is approved.
Nurse Immigration
U.S. immigration is divided by the E.B. (Employment-based Immigration) border into 1st to 5th places. EB-3 categories, ranked 3rd, are classified as skilled and non-skilled, and nurses' immigration to the United States is equivalent to EB-3 skilled workers. In order to immigrate as a skilled worker, permanent residency sponsors (hospital or company) are required in the U.S., and they must receive a Job Offer Letter after setting a working contract period from the sponsor to proceed with immigration.
Full-time Regular hospital recruitment (both hospital welfare and benefits are equally applicable).
No deduction in salary during the contract period.
Hourly setting that reflects clinical experience in Korea.
Hospital and departmental confirmation after the job interview.
Provide housing for initial settlement (three months for AHC).
Requirement : NCLEX/Latest Clinical Experience/IELTS Spk 6.0 (Spk 6.0 is for Interview, VisaScreen requires Spk 7)
STAFFING COMPANY (Staffing Agency)
Interview with Staffing Company and proceed
Recruitment as Staff of Staffing Company, not as Hospital Staff.
The agreed percentage of salary within the set contract period is deducted in the name of the fee.
Receive the welfare provided by the Staffing Company without receiving hospital welfare benefits.
Local average wage-setting unrelated to domestic clinical experience (PWD: Prevailing Wage Determination)
To be dispatched to a hospital/nursing home/school nurse, etc.
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